Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm BACK!!

Well, at least I think I'm back, for now, LOL.

I have recently gone PRN at work, which basically means I make my own schedule. This also means that I am home with my kids full-time now! YAY!

Actually, this means a whole lot of new things for the Wilson family who continue to live on chaotically ever after.  Because going PRN at work means less money, that in turn means I must make money somehow:)

Throughout the last year or so I have become a lover of all things crafty. And with my recent discovery of the website pinterest, I've gone a little craft crazy! One item in particular that I've taken a liking to is making headbands for little girls. Hence, how I will attempt to bring in a little dough on the side!

I am contemplating opening a little shop on to sell my home-made hair accessories and other what-not's, but first I wanted to sort of launch my ideas on facebook and give it a whirl. So here is what I'm going to do.

 I will be posting pictures of a few of my headbands on facebook. There will be a picture of each headband by itself and then a picture of each headband on my beautiful Rory's little head. I am going to start a bid on all of the headbands at $3 a piece and let the bids keep rolling until midnight on October 27, 2011 (tomorrow night). To place a bid all you have to do is make a comment on the picture of the headband you like. Whoever places the highest bid by midnight October 27,2011 will be the lucky someone to purchase that particular headband. Just open the facebook album titled HEADBANDS and bid away!

All headbands displayed are for age 3months +. I can make headbands to fit any head (newborn-mommy)!!!
I am so excited about this new adventure and am looking forward to see how the bids turn out!

Here are some pics of the headbands I will be selling!