Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh My Goodness!

Ok, let me just rewind back to July 30th, and then briefly fast forward to today September 13th. Wow, has my life been a crazy whirlwind or what?? Here goes:

So somewhere around the end of July we began having increasing troubles with our apartment we were living in. The air conditioning was out, water leaks in the ceiling, mold growth, all in the middle of the super hot summer. Long story short, with a nice little nasty gram from my cousin who is a lawyer, we terminated our lease with a full refund of our security deposit! 1000$ in pocket, Praise the Lord!

We are now living with my aunt and uncle in Gallatin, TN. Matt has an exhausting drive to work everyday. We are very grateful to my aunt and uncle for taking us in during our homeless situation.

Tillman turned one at the beginning of this month! It was a precious day for us. He loved his little dinosaur cake. He is also walking now, all over the place. I'm sorry I haven't documented this wonderful developmental milestone as I should have. Life for me is a little busy lately:( I'm sure you understand.

My brother got married the last week of August. SURPRISE!lol. Yeah, so, now I have a sister-in-law to get to know. I am moving in with my parents next weekend I think, so I will get to know her very soon. They are having a wedding ceremony Oct. 2. I'm in the wedding. Fun stuff! Congrats Jordan and Naphtali!

My sister-in-law (my husbands sister) is getting married. I found out about their engagement the beginning of September. She asked me to be the maid (matron rather) of honor. Isn't that sweet? I'm excited for Addie and Dustin. Congrats to you all too!!

Job possibility, strong possiblity, inKentucky. Which is why i'm planning to move in with my parents this weekend. Working on getting my RN license in Kentucky. Waiting on the finger print card to come in the mail. Yay, i just got licensed in TN, lets give KY a whirl. Why not? Spending hundreds of dollars on nursing paperwork and what not is so much fun and really easy on the checking account right? That's what I thought.

I'm sorry, I just don't have time for pictures right now. I'm tired.

Oh, I had lunch today with Matt and our friend Jeff at Chile Burrito. I really wish there was more cheese on my burrito. bummer.


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