Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bright Colors

There was a point in my life that I can remember, when I really didn't like super bright colors. I was actually even annoyed by them.

 I tend to be more fond of neutral colors, like browns and pretty greens with dark shades of red and plum. Fall or Autumn colors were my favorite. In fact those colors are still some of my favorites.

 Well, what I am trying to get at is that today I realized something. My perspective on color has changed. 

I think sometimes certain people, most people, are annoyed by all the bright colors and clutter that children's toys and belongings can bring. Not because they belong to the child, but simply because they don't  match  everything else that is decorating their home. These tacky, manufactured pieces of plastic just seem to crowd your space. I understand where these people are coming from. I really do.

This afternoon Tillman opened up his Christmas presents from Mommy and Daddy and Santa Claus, or aka "Ho Ho Ho." During this present opening session, I took note of how many bright colored items Tillman was unwrapping. I believe my taste has changed. I am no longer annoyed by these bright colorful items that will continue to clutter my home for the next five to ten years. It doesn't bother me that the shower we bathe in is smothered in colorful little alphabet foam letters that stick to the tub wall. I am not  aggravated by the sea of colorful books that cover Tillman's bedroom floor on a daily basis. I absolutely love them. 

I love these bright colors, they make me happy. These bright colors are the imprint your child leaves behind after hours of play. They are evidence of a sweet child that  has changed mine and Matt's lives forever. I look forward to all the bright colors that this new little one will bring, and all the bright and colorful memories we will make with our children through the years.

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