Tuesday, February 1, 2011

35 weeks and 5 days

My weekly OB appointment was yesterday. I left my sister's house around 3:35 for my 4:00 pm appointment, and by the time I went back to see my dr. I had been having contractions. About 22 of them during that time frame. So, my dr. did a cervical exam. Still 2 cm dilated. My blood pressure was 130/70 (not too bad, but high for me). Weight gain 1 lb. Rory is still kicking and cooking. I am getting more and more anxious and excited for her to be here.

Last night I could not sleep. AT ALL. I stayed up in the living room watching a series of The Office, Friends, Seinfield, and then Frasier came on, so I decided to go downstairs at about 2 am. Not a fan of Frasier. Once I got into bed, my little dog Dylan, who sleeps in our bed because Matt insists that he does, would not stop licking and making annoying mouth noises. I thought I'd go crazy. Just about the time I thought I'd go crazy I start having bad reflux. I then realize that Matt was sleeping with one of my pillows on top of the single one he usually sleeps with.So I was a pillow short to get my head elevated just right to sleep decently with reflux. So no sleep. Around 6:00 am when Matt woke up for work, I finally was able to sleep. Thankfully my little Tilly didn't wake up until 9:30 when I woke him up because my stomach was growling so badly. Total sleep last night: 3.5 hours. Yes! I just want a good nap right about NOW! I'll keep you posted on the Rory buisness.

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