Thursday, February 10, 2011

37 WKS!!

Okay. It is officially 12:09 am, so I can now officially say I am a full term preggo momma. Yup. And I can't stinking sleep, and I can't stinking wait to meet this little girlie who ails me so.

An update from last week's appointment I remain 2 centimeters dilated. I am currently, nor recently, having any contractions nudging me to visit triage at Norton Suburban. Just waiting. Every moment, waiting.

BUT. I know that in 13 days I could have this baby if in fact I decide that I want her out of me. My doctor has told me she will induce at 39 weeks. 13 days of waiting is tolerable, I think. However, I am miserable most of the time.

I had a thought today. My birthday is February 24th, which happens to be 1 day before I reach 39 weeks. I was wondering how my doctor would feel about inducing me then, 1 day early. That is if she hasn't graced us with her wonderful presence yet.

I have been thinking about this all day. What if we could have the same birthday?? Would she someday hate me for that, for making that decision?? Would she just want to have her own birthday and her Mom celebrate her birthday on a separate day?

Who knows what she would think. It's hard because you want to think that your daughter, who you would give the world to, would never be upset at you for choosing to have the same birthday. You want to think that she would think you are the most awesome momma and loves that you have the same birthday, right? That's what you want to think. I don't know. She'll probably be here like tomorrow and I shouldn't even think of these things, lol. But I do. What do you think? Any thoughts about that, even though it probably would never happen anyways.

Anyhow. So that is that for 37 weeks. I'm glad we've made it to this point and I can rest assure that I will not deliver a premature child. I am thankful that God has spared us the medical craziness we could have experienced had she decided to come early. Thank you Lord.

I am so excited to meet her. I have changed my cell phone background to my little Rory's face from the 3d ultrasound we had back at 20 weeks. We've come a long way since then little girl! I hope she comes soon. Tillman is so excited to meet her. I have to write about this, because its just too funny.

So, Tillman is pretty much obsessed with Mommy's belly, or baby rather. And not just with touching it. But every time he remembers that he likes my belly, he has to pull my shirt up and say hi to the baby ( He doesn't know her name yet). In Walmart today, Tillman remembered he loved my baby in my belly, and tries to pull my shirt up so he could see my actual belly, because THAT is where the baby is. She is UNDER my shirt. Thankfully, he was unsuccessful at pulling my entire shirt up to expose it to other fellow Walmart shoppers. Exposed pregnant bellies are for at home ONLY! thank you. ha.

So yes. You have your 37 week baby update. I am scheduled to work this Saturday 11p-7a. I am requesting that everyone pray that she come quick as I do not want to work another shift carrying this precious little one. Although I will if I have to. But, I'd rather not:)

I'll keep you posted:)

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