Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Oh me oh my. pumpkin pie.

What a morning I had. Today I took the NCLEX which is my national certification licensing examination to be a Registered Nurse, RN. In other words, this is the biggest academic test of my life to date. The test is a computerized, adaptive test with a minimum of 75 questions and a maximum of 265 questions.

My test began at 8:00 am. This was a proctored exam under very high security being both audio and video recorded. I was finger printed as well as palm printed probably 10 times before I left the facility! Crazy. I ain't no cheater.

Surprisingly my exam cut off at 75 questions. I expected to get quite a few more than that. But, supposedly it can be a good thing if you get cut off at the minimum. The exam is designed to statistically determine the likelihood of you passing or failing after taking 75 questions. Also, 15 of those 75 questions were pilot questions that will not count in my average. So, really I was only graded on 60 of those questions. Could they really have passed me after only 60 questions?? Oh, I pray to God that I did!

So this scary test is over. Finally. And hopefully I will not have to take it a second time. I will get my results on Thursday morning at 9:30. An update will follow.

Until them I am being tortured by the annoying unknown!


  1. haha I think 75 minus 15 is 60. Hope that wasn't a question:)

  2. yeah, i realized that in my brain when I was driving home from the store earlier. clearly i suck at math!lol