Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Did you really even want to know?

So I am getting rather frustrated right now. I have a few, AMAZING, short video clips of little Til from my phone that I am having trouble downloading to my computer. I REALLY wanted to share them on here. Not happening today. I even have several, even more AMAZING pictures I have taken on my camera that I would like to share with you. I have also attempted to post them (Can't find the correct USB cord to my camera). Unsuccessful.

What I really wanted you to get from all this is that Tillman is getting HUGE! This morning I put him down for a nap and found him standing up in his crib hanging on to the railing of the crib. I have never seen him pull up on anything like that. Not only is he pulling up, but he is crawling everywhere. He even has a tooth!!!! I am so excited and sad all at the same time!!! Where has my little infant child gone? On top of this, I went to work out at the YMCA around noon and took Tillman to the nursery. One of the women in the nursery informed me that my child was HUGE for being almost 9 months old! No one has EVER told me my kid was HUGE. Thanks for the reminder YMCA lady!

Reality is setting in. Tillman is morphing into a HUGE human! And I am sort of sad.

I am also disappointed that I have no proof (aka pictures/videos) of his HUGENESS!

What a fabulously, boring post this has become.


  1. Oh well, I like this post. I often get frustrated with my wanting to put up pictures but then they don't work.