Monday, June 7, 2010

O Joyful, Ridiculous, Magnificent week, please stay for a while!

Again I apologize for no pictures.

Such is my life this week:

Tillman when it comes to:

- SLEEPING- So how many times this week have I entered little Till's nursery to find him
standing in the corner of the crib, holding on for dear life, eyes closed, wailing his poor little head off, and lay him back down again and tell him its time for bed? Let's just say too many times. However, I have laughed inside every time I've had to go remind him its time for bed and not for crying and standing in the corner of his bed.LOL. Oh yeah. He also likes to wake up at 5:30 to 6:00 every morning. He goes to bed at 6:30-7:00 at night so he really is sleeping good. But seriously, 6:00 am is too early for Mommy. I can hardly get up in the morning these days as it is!

-EATING- This kid loves to EAT. Only FRUIT! Cannot get him to eat those darned veggies. However, he did love some guacamole that we introduced the other day at a fabulous Mexican restaurant called The Rosepepper. He also ate refried beans and some tomatillo sauce. He is hilarious. But don't you dare try to give him some Gerber veggies! He's just not having it. So, I'm trying harder, and harder. He will learn, because this Momma will not let him get away with not eating wonderful VEGETABLES!!!! His two teeth on the bottom are pretty cutie patootie too! (they are also very helpful in chewing up his food). Oh I forgot to mention. I am giving him little pieces of table foods, and he gags every bite because of the new and unfamiliar texture he is experiencing. LOVE it.

-CRAWLING- He is just everywhere! Into EVERYTHING. Lately crawling under the coffee table and hitting his head a million times and different ways seems to be his fav. He has also made his way to a book shelf where I have had to move all my picture frames. He will pull out books individually and try to devour them. Not liking this. It is cute, but I don't want my books that I have yet to read become UNREADABLE.. not a word. But anyways. I love his cute little self crawling from corner to corner and shelf to table to chair. It's Precious. We have waited a long time for this stage to arrive, and here it is, its amazing. I can't believe how BIG he has become.

-SWIMMING- I wish that everyone of you reading this blog could see my precious Tilly Monster in the swimming pool. He LOVES it. He seriously is a natural when it comes to water. He acts like he was born to be in the water. Maybe he will be the next Michael Phelps!YESSSS!!! Either way, I'll be proud of him. Its really exciting to see him in the pool and splashing around, and enjoying every second of it.

Matt and I when it comes to:

- MARRIAGE- We have officially been united in marriage today for 2 whole years! WOW. That is a really long time. Today I figured out that I have been with him for 1/6 of his 24 years of life. Isn't that amazing. I also calculated that if he lives to be 70 years old and I'm still alive and kicking, I will have been with him for 68% of his life. That's crazy! Our first two years have been absolutely: crazy, ridiculous, unpredictable, frightening, remarkable, spontaneous, annoying, challenging, HARD, but all at the same time WONDERFUL. In 2 years we have accomplished: 2 college degrees, a pregnancy, giving birth to an amazing little boy, several moves, living with our in-laws, having a miscarriage, moving to a new state, and living life here in the now. I am thankful for the husband that Matt is. He is a wonderful provider for our family. We are learning to love each other truer and deeper each day by the grace of God. I am really excited because we are going on a little getaway to celebrate this weekend. We will be traveling to Chattanooga,TN and staying at You should check out the site. It's just charming! Hopefully I will be able to post pictures when we return.

Hopefully this blog post will do for an update on the Wilson chaos as of late.

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  1. yes we need pics! I have a cord that will work with your card. Maybe bring your computer and camera to ryan and tori's wedding and you can down load them there!