Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My sweet Momma

Happy 50th Birthday Momma!

Today, June 30th is a glorious day. Today 50 years ago Martha Buck Hobbs and George Harold Hobbs Sr. became parents to their first daughter, Judyth Anne, one of the sweetest souls I have ever known.

Now, I know Hannah has already written several blog posts in tribute to our mother, but here I will attempt to write my first.

I am forever grateful for the Mother God has given to me and my family. She is a steadfast, faithful woman, who loves her Lord with all of her heart.

I cherish the childhood that I had. Mom made great sacrifices to raise her five children (staying at home, forfitting any pursuit of career or hobby). It brings great joy to my heart to see the fruits of her labor.

It is so amazing how much more you find in common with your mother when you become one yourself. Her example as a Godly mother encourages me to strive to be more like her. I find myself appreciating her more and more as I get older. I covet her prayers and motherly words of advice. I am blessed.

What a beautiful, compassionate, talented, tender, hilarious and sweet Momma she is. I am so excited to celebrate her 50 years of life today and praying that God would grant her 50 more! I love you Mom, you are truly the best!

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