Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So Far....So Good

So far, living on the East Side of Nashville has been good. Why? Well here are a couple of reasons why:

- We are seriously minutes from the heart of downtown (approximately 8-10 minutes). Which is nice. I work out downtown at the YMCA daily throughout the week.

- Also, downtown has a Farmer's Market open every day, which is splendid because we love fresh fruits and vegetables. We also love the atmosphere of the market. Makes for a fun-filled day out with Tillman.

- We are surrounded with an abundance of good churches to choose from. We have attended Immanuel Church in Brentwood twice and have really enjoyed it.

- We have some good friends that live in our neighborhood, who also have kiddos, that like to hang out with us! Always a plus.

- I now am 25 minutes away from my Aunt Melanie who lives in Gallatin, TN. I used to live over an hour away from her. I am able to visit her much more often and spend more time with her and her family. Oh yeah, they have a pool too, and Tillman LOVES it!

- We have a little village about 30 seconds from our driveway with several really rad places. There is Castrillo's Pizza takeout/delivery, which is amazing and cheap; The Sip Cafe, Mikes Ice cream, Mitchell's Deli, Bailey & Cato soul food, Watanabe's Sushi/Bar, Citgo (everyone likes having a gas station close by!), and the Village Pub. This Riverside Village adds a bit of character to our neighborhood.

- I have a Kroger, a U.S. bank within 2 minutes of my apartment. Essentials.

- We live really close to Shelby Bottoms park that has a Greenway that will cross over the river into the city. Really fun. Matt and I took Tillman and Dylan there last weekend. Dylan wore out pretty quickly. He is in BAD shape. We have to take that little puppy on more walks! Oh, and Matt decided after that experience on the Greenway that he wanted to take up Rollerblading! That should be interesting! HA.

That should do for now. Maybe I will share some more reasons why I like living here once I discover them. Hope this blog post finds you well and and enjoying your rainy Wednesday afternoon. Well rainy if you are in Nashy!


  1. reasons why i don't like you living in Nashy


  2. p.s like the change of background.. much prettier than black:)

  3. thanks , i had a request from a special someone to change it!ha. I must admit it is a little more inviting than black.