Monday, January 17, 2011

33 weeks 4 days

Well here we are. 33 weeks and 4 days preggers with the little Rory girl. We are getting so close. Sometimes I get so anxious and really just want her to be here so badly, like right now. But, then, I think oh my goodness, what if this is the last time I'm pregnant? I need to savor every lasting second of this pregnancy, right? 

When we had Tillman I thought I wanted to have four children. Now that I am expecting our second, I am starting to think I'm not so sure. We will gladly and thankfully take every child that God gives to us, don't get me wrong, but to think of four now, is SCARY. Am I thinking this way just because I am pregnant right now?lol. It's possible. I'm just going to take it one kiddo at a time for now:) 

So today was my 33 1/2 week OB appointment. Somehow along the way I managed to get off schedule and my appointments land in the middle of my weeks instead of right on the day I change weeks, does that make sense? Like my appointment for today was on a Monday, but I am not 34 weeks until this Friday. My weeks fall on Fridays. I just wish that my appointments landed on Friday's. Anyway. So, the appointment went fine and we are hoping that Rory cooks for atleast 2 more weeks at my next appointment at 35 1/2 weeks. At that point I will begin seeing the OB EVERY week. That's when you know you are close! Really close.

Here are my stats for 33 weeks and 4 days preggo:
blood pressure: 140 something/ 70 something (ha) (very high for me)
Total weight gain: 15 pounds (2lb gain from last appointment 2 weeks ago)
Babys heart rate: 150's 
Babys measurments: exactly 33 cm (which is measuring right on schedule)

And after all of this information was obtained, she said any questions?? I'll see you in 2 weeks. lol. OB appointments are like so stinking expensive and so short. 

I've been having lot's of Braxton Hicks contractions over the past few weeks that have been annoying and scaring me a little. I had so many trips to Labor and Delivery for false alarm with Tillman that I am trying my hardest not to let that happen again with this one. 

My guess is that Rory will arrive mid to late February and I am so excited to meet her and I can't wait for everyone else to meet her either! I'll post another baby post in 2 weeks. 

Until then...

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