Monday, January 17, 2011

The Many Faces of Till the Man

Tillman is just so silly these days. He makes the most pitifully, hilarious faces all within seconds of each other. Here are some shots I was fortunate to capture during breakfast the other day. He is seriously crazy.

hey momma. what's that black thing you have?

i want to hold it.

i want to hold it right now.

why are you turning sideways momma?

okay , now I'm bored with that thing, more goldfish.

cheese. Or please? not sure. more goldfish momma.

are you gonna stop taking pictures and get me some more goldfish?

More. More.

Mimi, momma isn't getting me more goldfish.

you are so mean momma, quit taking pictures and get me goldfish.

i want goldfish right now.

fish. fish. more. more. you are so mean.

what is that black thing? can i hold it?

alright, now i'm just getting tired.

fish. more. fish. more.

you really are mean momma.

if i can't have more fish just put me down for a nap please.

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