Monday, January 17, 2011

Custom Burp Cloths

I have tried very hard to accumulate things along my pregnancy for our little girl. This includes burp cloths. Most things I have bought anywhere from clothes, blankets, bibs, etc... have been from second hand stores. Burp cloths and bibs are very hard to come by even at second hand or consignment. 

So, with a little inspiration from my wonderful sewing sister, I have purchased fabric and have begun making my own custom burp cloths. LOVE THEM! Sure they are just going to get spit up and puke and who knows what all over them, but atleast they will be cute underneath all of that, lol:) Here's a peak at them. 

I purchased these diapers at Mama's Hip in Louisville, KY (Indian pre-fold 6 for $12.50). The fabrics are from Hancock's Fabrics.

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